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girl. twenty-ish. proud.
humanist. zen. bisexual.
atheist. lover. fighter.
historical inclinations.
lefty. unrepentant geek.
incidentally ocd. aware.
adhd. writer. talkative.
internet spaz liek whoa.
poetic. frequent smiler.
incognito air guitarist.
lol. intensely feminist.
a+ professional creeper.
boss. pacifist. offbeat.
legit comic book junkie.
raindancer. fantastical.
gamer. musical omnivore.
sushi fanatic. bohemian.
amateur therapist. real.
survivalist. n00b guide.
inconveniently stubborn.
liberal. bfd. indie-ish.
loyal. capable. hopeful.
harry potter. justified.
bbt. the social network.
american idol rpf. push.
inception. supernatural.
sherlock [bbc]. firefly.
gundam wing. merlin. dc.
marvel. generation kill.
band of brothers. angel.
buffy. firefly. saiyuki.
appaloosa. white collar.
bsg. his dark materials.
boondock saints. avatar.
glee. the pacific. wowp.
hsm. the dark is rising.
constantine. jobros rps.
zombieland. atu. narnia.
the avengers. bones. j2.
batman. the hurt locker.
thor. lord of the rings.
sky high. jumper. x-men.
tortall. criminal minds.
good omens. many more...
tendency to compulsively
bookmark can be observed
over on my new pinboard.

don't mind me, i'll just
be over here on twitter.

i've got nothing to hide
unless you count all the
bodies and horrible fic.

behold my shenanigans on
my poorly-tagged tumblr.

oh hey let's do that ao3
thing while we're at it.
it's woefully neglected.

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photofaubia Fruitstyle designs
oh, the eternally asked,
never satisfied question
why? because i love life
and fandom and the whole
damn world. i want to be
with people who grasp my
true nature. i'm here to
embrace kink and culture
and to understand that i
have privilege, but only
in some arenas. i want a
meeting of the minds and
souls and intellects. on
the other hand, i'm also
here for fun and freedom
from the daily grind. if
every day is the 1st day
of the rest of my life i
want it to be in fandom.
why? because i belong in
fandom more than i do in
any other time or place.
i am a fandom hippie and
i don't believe in shame
or shyness about my many
kinks. i ship everything
and anything once i find
a reason. you might know
me as “that girl who has
brother-boyfriend issues
like a boss.” i've never
cared for entitled snobs
who think they run shit.
my attention span is not
the best, and i'll often
wander between my varied
projects until something
inspires me. then i will
be completely obsessive.
i am a plot geyser and i
can't stop having all of
the ideas. i will freely
donate them to you -- if
you promise to use them.